Engineering Facility in Carlsbad, California

Flometrics resides in a 6,000 square foot industrial building in Carlsbad, California, just minutes away from San Diego’s high-tech hub. The facility houses both Flometrics laboratories and office space for the engineers. Our laboratories include a fluid dynamics “wet” lab, a flow visualization/laser lab, and an electronics prototyping/assembly lab. Flometrics also has an in-house CNC machine shop capable of fabricating prototype parts, and a Dimension 3D printer. Flometrics also partners with a full service machine shop in Palmdale, CA for more machining intensive projects.
Flometrics maintains an extensive stock of raw materials, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and sensors to quickly produce models, test systems, build prototypes and optimize products.

Flometrics has on hand a wide variety of laboratory equipment to make thermodynamic and fluid dynamic measurements. Flometrics specializes in flow visualization and maintains all the equipment to support such work.

Carlsbad engineering facility
Inside view of carlsbad engineering facility

We also have numerous computer data acquisition systems with various types and ranges of flowmeters, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. We have a close relationship with San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego and are able to schedule time in their state of the art fluid dynamics and combustion laboratories, both with an extensive inventory of equipment including a water channel and low speed and supersonic wind tunnels.

Flometrics is capable of quickly setting up and programming custom data acquisition systems. We have data acquisition cards and a wide variety of pressure, temperature, strain, and acceleration transducers on hand. The same systems can be used to control various hardware devices (solenoid valves, relays, etc.) via digital and analog outputs.

Our engineers are well versed in design engineering. Our facilities have four CAD stations with state of the art software and high performance simulation and mathematical modeling software. Combined with our dedicated Computational Fluid Dynamics station, Flometrics has the tools to develop your product.