Covid-19 Ventilator

Open Source Breathing Assistance (Basic Ventilator) Project

Problem: There are not enough mechanical ventilators – or breathing assistance devices – available for the expected wave of sick people who will need them.

Potential Solution: Develop an open source design for a DIY breathing modified CPAP machine that is robust, effective, easy to use and maintain and that will swiftly pass emergency standards issued by regulatory agencies. A largely DIY design would entail offering production instructions, a bill of materials with alternates, an online training program, and elements of a mutual-support community to solve problems that arise. A clear use case and abbreviated validation protocol may help provide a device that can help people in dire need. This is not a money-making project. It is about saving lives.

Work to Date: A version of a device suitable for patients with low to intermediate respiratory distress has already been built from inexpensive and easily found hardware store parts, with more detailed instructions soon to come online. Key to our approach is a simplified, easily built method of applying lung back-pressure (PEEP) while simultaneously capturing and reducing the virus in the patient’s exhalations.

Even this basic version might enable thousands of sufferers to reduce the burden on already overwhelmed intensive care units. More advanced versions would incorporate accessible, off-the-shelf sensors, plus access to supplementary oxygen and some degree of control via a cellphone app.

Open Source Ventilator Project

We at Flometrics stand ready to set aside other priorities and jump at this project, which might empower folks in even the smallest town or isolated community to adapt and save lives. Come back to see current progress on this project.  For more information on the Open Source Breathing Assistance (Basic Ventilator) Project contact

Flometrics Prototype of Modified CPAP

Flometrics Modified CPAP Assembly

Open Source Breathing Assistance (Basic Ventilator) Project

Open Source Ventilator Project v3.6

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