Engineering Services

Specializing in complex problems involving heat and flow

Flometrics develops engineering solutions quickly and effectively by combining theoretical knowledge with practical capability

Our Engineers have an extensive background in taking engineering concepts to physical reality through their modeling and analysis capabilities.

We have experience in designing heat exchangers, cooling systems, thermal control systems, temperature sensors, air conditioning and power systems.

We help customers design innovative systems and develop products which involve the flow of all fluids, both liquid and gas.

Flometrics Open Source Breathing Assistance (Basic Ventilator) Project

Flometrics is assisting in the development of a DIY respiratory device (ventilator) for patients with low to intermediate respiratory distress. Key to our approach is a simplified, easily built method of applying lung back-pressure (PEEP) while simultaneously capturing and reducing the virus in the patient’s exhalations. Learn more about the project here:

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Refining client concepts through design & testing leads to better finished products

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