Flow visualization can be used to understand and optimize the design of devices involving the flow of liquids and gases. Flometrics specializes in disposable laser sheet light systems, hydrogen bubble techniques, Schileren and traditional dye or smoke techniques among others. Below are examples of some of our past studies utilizing various flow visualization techniques.  Contact us so that we can help you quickly understand and optimize your device design today.

Flow Separation in Expansion

Flometrics conducted a study of a turbine flow meter at different flow rates from laminar to turbulent.  A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study was performed on the flow meter model to confirm workability, but the flow meter still failed. A flow visualization test was performed using a frequency controlled pump to feed a clear model with three flow meters downstream.  Each meter allowed a different flow rate to be measured. This video shows fluorescent particles flowing through the meter with a laser illuminating them. Using the flow visualization results, Flometrics was able to identify and correct problem that the CFD study did not reveal.

Shadowgraph of Supersonic Nozzle

Flometrics designed and developed a supersonic nozzle that is capable of delivering a jet velocity of 600 m/s to penetrate and break up soil at pulse lengths of 200 ms.  Flometrics fabricated the nozzle and tested it to confirm its performance matched the values found using computational fluid dynamics.  This video shows the supersonic nozzle delivering air at 300 psi.  The velocity creates a series of “Mach or Shock Diamonds” as it exits the nozzle.

Pipe With Cross Flow

Flometrics conducted a study of dual horizontally opposing jets in cross flow at different momentum flux ratios in water using laser sheet light flow visualization. The flow loop consisted of a main flow pump and a clear acrylic flow visualization model with 2 horizontally opposed jets. This video shows a laser illuminating fluorescent plastic particles that are seeded into the side jet flow.

Flometrics conducted a study on the physics of whale footprints which are created when the vortex pair generated by a whale fluke impacts on the ocean surface.  Flometrics designed a model fluke actuation system based on a gear motor and a crankshaft, then tested it with flow visualization using a laser sheet test set-up. The flow visualization videos were compared to real world videos taken in the field and matched very well.

Cather in Simulated Artery with Pulsatile Flow

Flometrics conducted a flow visualization test of solution being injected into a simulated artery. The test system consists of a pump capable of simulating pulsatile velocity profiles in the vena cava, a Gemini infusion pump, a peristaltic withdrawal pump, an insertion type flow meter, a TDS conductivity meter, and the test section. This video shows the solution being injected into the test section as well as retrograde flow due to the low infusion rate.

Fluidic Nozzle with Flow Oscillation

Flometrics designed, developed and tested a hot fluidic nozzle that dispenses fluid with large drop sizes over a large area.  A flow visualization study was performed to maximize the droplet size, but minimize evaporation over the area.  This video shows the flow oscillation as the droplets are dispensed.

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualization

This video shows flow in a pipe downstream of a bend with a flow straightener.